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About Our Studio

Artist Bridget is a landscape painter inspired by her natural surroundings and strives to capture the mood and romanticism of every day life.

Here in our studio, our intent is to bring creativity and happiness through our art.

The Master Series Collection

In dedication to various master artists, Bridget recreated three of her favorite paintings that have huge influential value throughout her journey.


Blue Mountain Peaks

$ 750

Serene brisk scenery of cool mountains, trees, and valley river formed by the melting ice from mountains running through. Distant trees and mountains fade into the fogginess of the blue shadowy atmosphere with sunrise gleaming on the river, bringing light and warmth breaking the fresh cold morning.

Hot Summer Collection

Don’t miss out on our featured summer paintings that will bring the sun and warmth to you!

~Pre-Order your very own custom painting as per your wish. Send us a photo that you would like recreated by us. For inquiries and pricing, please Email us!~