About the Artist

Artist Bridget is a landscape painter inspired by her natural surroundings and strives to capture the mood and romanticism of every day life. She creates a sense of nostalgia and intimacy with her paintings.  She eloquently captures nature, landscape, city scenes in oil and acrylic.

She’s passionate about the 19th century landscape paintings and learned techniques from various master painters that shaped her throughout her journey which has been influential in her practice. Bridget’s scenes in oil and acrylic are inspired by masters of Claude Lorraine, John Constable, Renoir, and Monet. 

Her intention with her art is simple, to just make her viewers feel good. Like one of the great masters that has been influential to her, Renoir once said “why shouldn’t Art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world”. Her style in Art even presents a joyful and childlike emotional response. Her work is an appreciation for all its beauty in all its greatest forms. 

When she is not at work, she enjoys traveling and seeing all the beauty that the world offers and gains inspiration for future Art. She is originally from the island of Hawaii and attended art classes in New York and Italy.